About Our Company

ORAV Mobility constantly is scanning the industry for needs that should be addressed and relies on a strong network of industry experts for valuable input.

ORAV Mobility began in 2014 as a division of Specialty Vehicle Consulting. SVC has been involved in the adaptive transportation industry for over 25 years and holds numerous patents on mobility oriented products. Assisting wheelchair user in finding the freedom they deserve has been the driving force. We are pleased to be branching out into the outdoor arena and look forward to seeing the freedom of the outdoors being brought to the Mobility Challenged.

Developing products for disabled individuals has been a passion of SVC for over 25 years. Allowing wheelchair users to have the same freedom as all others is our goal.

State of the Art Manufacturing

SVC has extensive experience in manufacturing Mobility Products. With access to a wide variety of manufacturing equipment, ORAV is able to provide consistent quality products.


Off-Road Adaptive Transportation

Contact: 719-431-2286